About Us

It was a sunny autumn afternoon in 2016 when, after riding their motorbikes through the Sydney Royal National Park, two Mexican friends (lets call them.. Jorge and Juan because... that's their actual names...) stopped for lunch and refreshments at a garden bar in Scarborough, NSW.

Conversation went a bit like - bro... we need to start training for the Gong ride... Yeah, job's OK but don't see myself doing that for the rest of my life... dude, have you seen how many Mexican restaurants have been opening lately?... I know, there are much nicer Mexican beers and tequilas being imported now... I've even seen Mezcal in a few places!... No, I haven't seen any Mexican wine......

Why would that be? Mexican wine is SOOOO GOOD!... Wait... What if...

Fast-forward 2 years and here we are!! After a lot of planning, wine-tasting, red-tape-cutting, job quitting, more planning, more wine-tasting, decision-making... Mexican Cellars is alive!!!

So there you go... we're here to bring wine lovers in Australia (individuals and establishments), delicious Mexican wines and show them a side of Mexico they've never seen before. Salud!

Jorge and Juan at Australia's first ever (most likely?) Mexican wine tasting in August 2017.