Chenin Colombard 2018


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Blended white wine produced by Monte Xanic with 98% Chenin Blanc and 2% French Colombard. Fermented in stainless steel tanks.


Tasting Notes:

Chenin Colombard is a clean and transparent wine, with green tones and straw yellow in color.

Crisp on the nose and highly intense aromas. Notes of fresh fruit, pineapple, lime, lychee, guava, mandarin, sweet grapefruit and nectarine, with a touch of anise, tuberose, and orange blossom. Excellent quality and complexity. 

Gentle mouth feel. A dry wine, with fresh acidity and light alcohol. Good structure and firm body. Retronasal aromas principally of nectarine and pineapple, as well as citrus fruit, a range of white flowers, cardamom and anise. Well-balanced and long and pleasant finish.